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90-Degree Swivel Microphone with Stand for Laptops (3.5mm Jack/2


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- Sturdy construction and exquisite design
- Stand microphone with straight neck
- 90-degree swivel
- For audio input and voice-over
- IP applications, including internet voice chat, video conferencing and multi-player internet gaming
- Adjustable microphone boom pivots and holds ideal position

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What our customers say

wim rijken said:

service super

Rob Groenendaal said:

Gisteren om 4 uur besteld en vandaag voor 12 uur in huis. Dat is levering binnen 20 uur! Prima! Binnenkort willen we compleet overschakelen op LED verlichting in en om het huis en die bestelling zal zeker bij gedaan worden.

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